Attention Teachers! is committed to developing healthy habits in our youth by ensuring learned habits progress with them throughout their lives. When it comes to sports, all students are different. Some are highly driven whilst others need more encouragement and persuasion to ensure they reach their full sporting potential. Working with your staff, our aim is to ensure that your students get nothing but the very best. We offer personalised training programs, group fitness classes, health and wellness seminars, a fitness support line and many more specialised services.

Our trainers will be able to assist your school with the following:

  • Sports specific Training: Nowadays, It is very common for students to engage in sports activities externally from schooling hours. Whether they want to shave some seconds off their pb’s for the next athletic competition, improve their aerobic capacity when playing footy and netball or work on their anaerobic capacity for the head of the river meet, our trainers will be able to tailor programs to fit.
  • Injury Rehabilitation: Injuries and accidents are part of everyday life. An incident such as a sprained ankle or shin splints can prevent students from participating in their favorite activities. Having an experienced resident personal trainer on site can smooth their road to recovery. Our trainers will provide students with specific exercises and stretches to strengthen their bodies. Moreover, they will recommend exercises that emphasize overall muscular balance to prevent future injuries.
  • Supervision: All students need guidance when it comes to effective resistance training. It’s not always possible for teachers to drop everything to ensure supervision is present. This is one of our primary functions. Having a resident trainer at your school will provide students with this. Do they need someone to spot them while doing pull-ups? Are they seeking feedback on their running form? Do they require a goal specific program to help them achieve that health goal? The staff at are available to guide and support them.

Keen to know how our programs can assist your school? Contact us today. We’ll be more than happy to assist.

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