Holiday Programs

Please note that this is additional fee and will only run based the approval of the schoolboard, parental consent and demand.Are you looking for some fun programs to keep your teens active during the holidays? can help! Living an active lifestyle is not simply restricted to schooling hours. We provide a range of extracurricular activities during the holidays to ensure your teens stay active all year round.  Our goal is to create memories and bonds between participants whilst engaging in fun group activities.  


Type of Activities
  • Trips to adventure parks and indoor sport centers.
  • Horse riding day trips.
  • Laser tag and paint ball games.
  • Bush walking excursions.
  • Challenge rope courses.
  • Rock climbing, artificial climbing and abseiling walls.
  • Volunteering at events to help better the community.
  • Fosters personal development, builds self-esteem and mutual respect whilst inspiring creativity.
  • Reduces potential boredom during the break.
  • Allows teens to engage in activities that they otherwise may not be exposed to.
  • Helps ease the burden that school holidays can potentially have on families.
  • Volunteering programs facilitate community engagement, allowing teens to engage and learn from positive role models.
  • Reinforces the positive messages about being active and healthy in the general community.


Please note: additional fee apply and will only run based on the approval of the school board, parental consent and demand.
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