Health Programs

Healthy Teens will host a number of fitness and wellness forums each semester. This will be structured to ensure students have access to a range of professionals, motivational speakers, life coaches and outstanding members of the community. An open styled forum which will be run every few weeks, our goal is to discuss a range of questions with teens about general wellbeing in a non-threatening environment.


  • Health experts will be able to impart current technical and tactical knowledge about a range of topics.
  • These forums will provide students with the ability to build a mentoring relationship with various practitioners for future reference.
  • Knowledge and contacts – Through such interactions, students will be able to take advantage of the contact from visiting health experts and motivational speakers, which typically would not be readily available to them.
  • Our forums will help build the communication and effective listening skills of students, including the ability to accept constructive criticism, listen intently and think critically.
  • Students will learn valuable business and life skills from these visits, including best business practices, appropriate behaviors and protocols.
  • Our forums will build the ability of students to see things from another perspective as well as expand their mode of thinking.
  • Students will gain a valuable insight about a range of life skills and experiences. This will provide them with an appreciation of the working culture of various experts as well as the path one needs to take to achieve certain goals.
  • The facilitation of such forums reduce feelings of isolation whilst also creating a sense of peer partnership which might not otherwise be available to students.
  • Improved performance – Be it with their studies or health related, such interactions will provide the students at EDSC with valuable feedback and suggestions that will enable them to improve their skills. This will allow them to experience personal growth, ultimately leading to improved performance.
  • The facilitation of such forums will allow students to harness hidden skills and interests that they may not have acknowledged or been aware of in the past. Suggestions will be made on how students can further develop and make the most of their talents and interests.
  • Having such forums will give students a great sounding board to test their ideas and discuss their points of view with an interested audience in a safe and confidential environment.


Our team of Experts
          Doctors                                                                  Nurses                                                                    Dietitians
          Life coaches                                                          Nutritionists                                                          Entrepreneurs
          Sporting Stars                                                       Motivational speakers                                         Business owners
          TV personalities                                                    Marketing executives                                         Fitness experts
          Retired professionals                                          Business directors                                               Ex-Olympians
          Current and past AFL stars                                 Ex-cricketers        


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