"My son Jacob was reluctant to try any form of resistance training until he started training with Paapa Kweku. With Paapa’s support and guidance he has developed a love for his training and is especially proud of his progress so far. Jacob finds Paapa very approachable and he has taken the fear out of this type of exercise for Jacob. I find Jacob more resilient since he has been training with Paapa and I would highly recommend the training for any student looking to improve their health and fitness.”
- Narelle B

“I’ve been training with paapa for a year and a half.
I find his approach to be good
Paapa takes the time to make sure we are doing the exercises correctly
Over the period I’ve been training with paapa I've matured more and I have gotten more into the spirit of exercising more.
I’d recommend his healthy teens program because it is really good if you want to do something fun and if you want to start to become fit.””

- N.Gusling

“I’ve been training with paapa for around 2 months.
I find his approach to be informative and very helpful in my training
Paapa takes the time to work with us individually and make programs for each day we train with him
Over the period I’ve been training with paapa I’ve learnt a lot about the exercises that we do, how to do those exercises properly and how they help improve the body
I’d recommend his healthy teens program because it helps you to get in shape and to reach a goal that you have set for yourself”

- H. Bonser

"I started working out with Paapa following a serious health scare.  I didn’t want another day to go by listening to my negative self-talk and struggling with low self-esteem. This prompted me to sign up for one of Paapas boot camp sessions and I have not looked back.  Paapa has become one of the most positive influences in my life and when my son required guidance in health and fitness, I did not hesitate in turning to  Pappa for help.  We now both enjoy our boot camp sessions they are  “challenging” but more importantly “life changing”.   

- S. Fitzgerald

" I have been training with Paapa Since April 2013. I met with him at an information session prior to joining his bootcamp classes. I found he had great enthusiasm for fitness and his passion for clients wellbeing was very genuine. Once I started I found that he will continually assist in any way he can to help me achieve my goals from constant motivation to nutritional guidance and adjusting my training when I have plateaued with weight loss or injuries arise.

My original goal was just to keep up my fitness but after getting engaged my goals changed – as most brides to be – to weight loss. I lost over 10% of my body weight along with a 6% improvement in body fat and have been able to maintain my goal weight for over a year now. I find it extremely convenient having the sessions at my work as it eliminates the temptation of deciding not to go training on the drive from work to the gym! It is also great having the personal interaction with a trainer that you don’t get when you go to the gym, no skipping classes when your feeling lazy as your absence will be noticed & you don’t want to let your trainer down.

I feel after my time training with Paapa that he is more then just my trainer, he is now a good friend. He shows interest in you & your life events and makes you feel wanted and included in each group session. He creates an environment that makes you want to keep coming back. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a bootcamp group or personal trainer."

- Kristy

" I have been training with Paapa at for approximately 3 years. During my school years I was always out and about playing lots of organised sport and general running however while at university I lost my mojo and ultimately motivation/ability to plan my time to commit to an exercise program. When I first met Paapa I thought it would be like the last PT I had where I’d stick to it for a little while and then “not find the time.” However, I was pleasantly surprised and given I’ve been training with him for over 3 years now you can see this wasn’t the case.

Paapa stood out to me and I have continued to train with him because of his knowledge, ability to motivate me and his enthusiasm. Training with Paapa is a time I enjoy immensely and don’t have a worry in the world. I look forward to them each week and sometimes twice a week, can’t wait to get to the sessions to achieve what I can and always have a smile on my face. I want others to feel this which is why we now run training sessions with my not so new employer. Paapa is very unique because he is able to tailor the training sessions to meet everyone’s goals. Whether  you’re fit or starting your journey to fitness the workouts will suit you.

I’ve noticed lots of changes to me and my mindset. I’ve lost weight, trimmed down and overall feel fantastic – both physically and mentally. I’ve learned about energy in and energy out to be able to make better decisions about what I eat and what I want to achieve.

I would recommend Paapa because you will achieve what you want to achieve. Not only is it a physical workout with physical achievements but you will have fun doing it and be motivated by someone who knows their stuff. You are supported in any journey you take by Paapa and that support extends beyond the training sessions."

- Simone

"I’ve been training with Paapa for just over a year, and each week I enjoy his sessions more and more. Fitness has always been a large part of my life, but when I starting working in a mainly sedentary occupation located over an hour away from my house, I found it was difficult to fit in time for exercise.

Having sessions that are work based allows me to maintain my focus on my health and wellbeing, and helps me find time for myself again. Saying this, the convenience of Paapa’s classes are second to his approach, as this is by far his best quality as a trainer. Paapa never tells you what to do, but motivates you to push past your limits. Not only has my fitness improved since I started his sessions, but my confidence in my potential and myself has also increased. His sessions are challenging, tailored to each person, and a joy to attend. It goes without saying that I would recommend Paapa for those who train every day, to those who are just getting started."

- Alice

"Ive been working with Paapa for sometime now and i have dropped over 10 kilos, i look forward to my sessions cause i know it will be fun at the same time I'm pushing myself,cause if I'm not, Paapa will. I brought my 16 yo daughter done for a workout and his relate-ability and friendliness to her made her feel comfortable, without making her feel self conscious. His unique look, training method and friendliness is a proven success to get you motivated to better yourself. I wouldn't look anywhere else for a Personal Trainer, Thank You Paapa"

- Steve

"I have been battling with my weight for the last 7 years, trying different diets and joining gyms which don't care about anything but making sure your payments go through on time. I joined Paapa's class with my sister in law, as she always raved about how great his classes are. I did, hesitantly with the mindset that it will be the same as any other fitness group I have tried. BOY WAS I WRONG! Paapa's classes are AMAZING! He always caters to EACH individual even though there are several others in the class. If I can't keep up he'll change it around so I can, unless he knows I'm just whinging then he'll make me work harder, and I love it! I started the class at 85kg and since then I have dropped to 78.4kg in 7 weeks, along with a proper diet (which he also helped me with). I found out I have shin splints so I can't jog on concrete or else my shins kill me, and while the class jog/sprint up and down the field, he has something different for me that works me out the same as the others, without hurting my shins. At no time within the one hour class are we not moving - Paapa makes us jog on the spot if we are doing little things eg - putting on boxing gloves. Or whenever we change stations in a circuit situation, we must jog there as opposed to dawdling. Paapa ALWAYS answers ANY question no matter how silly I think it is, and answers it in a way that I actually understand. He is very adamant about stretching, even sending us reminders after every class to remember to STREEEETCH! He has also taken the liberty to email us illustrations on different stretching techniques including their benefits. He also sends us reminders to DRINK WATER! Especially on a hot day. Also, this is the first time I have had to fill out a questionnaire so Paapa can get a better understanding of my wants/needs/issues. This way Paapa knows which parts hurt when you exercise, and which parts you'd like to target for toning/bulking etc, among other things.The classes are always fun, and obviously very effective. And best of all for a tight ass like me, HE'S AFFORDABLE!! Best decision I have ever made. Bar none!"

- Anoushka Patel